Our counselling service gives you a safe, confidential place to discuss your problems.  Our trained and qualified counsellors will encourage you to talk about whats happening to help you to:

  • explore your feelings and problems in more depth
  • find out why you feel the way you do 
  • work out what to do next and how you can improve things or accept what’s happening for you

This is a flexible service for adults (18+), provided by our experienced in-house talking therapy team.  Your weekly or fortnightly sessions will last for an hour and can continue for up to six weeks or longer, depending on your needs.  We build in regular reviews to make sure therapy is still working for you.  

When and where is it?

Counselling sessions take place at our Wellbeing Centre in Mold.  When you contact us we will discuss the most convenient time for your appointment.

Counselling can also be provided over the phone and online.

How can I book a session

Simply call 01352 974430 or email [email protected] and ask to book an induction session.  The induction is gives you a chance to meet one of our counsellors and decide if our service is right for you before you go on to book further sessions.

What does it cost?

We aim to make our service as affordable as possible.  Thye induction session is FREE.  After that each hourly session costs £35.  Some reduced cost appointments are available for those on low incomes: please ask.

Free counselling is also available through the Parabl Partnership.  This can be provided at The Wellbeing Centre in Mold or over the phone by our counsellors.  To find out more or for a telephone assessment ring 0300 777 2257 or email [email protected]