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Amazing Social Impact Results for NEW Mind!

We’ve been working with the Social Impacting Reporting Group and we wanted to celebrate with you all our massive achievement.


North East Wales joined Flintshire Council’s Social Impacting Group with the aim at getting an audited account of what our social value is in Flintshire and Wrexham. Social value is one of the most important measures we can have for Funding, Bids and Tenders which can give us an advantage in a very competitive area.


Niall Waller, service manager for Enterprise and Regeneration Planning, Environment and Economy for Flintshire council, presented North East Wales Mind with Audited value of £698,785 , this is equal to 23% of Flintshire’s social value!



For more Information on the Social Impact reporting please click on the link below. This goes through some of the activities that we can report against and an overall view of what this tool kit is.





Posted on: 4th June 2024

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