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Mindfulness and Meditation Sessions at Mold Drop-In, Saturday 18 May 24

Do you suffer with anxiety, intrusive thoughts or just want to learn how to become more present and relax?  Maybe you want to learn how to meditate?


These sessions will give you the opportunity to practice becoming more relaxed,  mindful, aware of the breath and how to detox those thoughts and emotions that can be so persistent!

You will learn skills that  you can then apply to your  day- to- day life  as you learn how to manage stress and anxiety.

You will learn how to develop your meditation skills


About Me!


My name is Grace Lockhart and I run a Community Café, food-bank and charity shop in Rhos near Wrexham.

 I have a passion for mindfulness and meditation and love to see the positive effects that it has on those who learn how to integrate these skills into their lives.


I have practiced Meditation for over 25 years and never cease to be amazed at the benefits, as I integrate the skills into my own life.

 I am looking forward to meeting you as we start on this amazing journey together!

Posted on: 30th April 2024

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