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North East Wales Mind in Partnership with Chester Rd Reapers Ice Hockey team

North East Wales Mind are proud to partnership with Chester Rd Reapers Ice Hockey team, based at Deeside Ice rink.
Promoting and supporting good mental health. Chester Rd Reapers champion mental health and wellbeing throughout the ice hockey community, promoting the importance of health and wellbeing through sport and the importance of tackling the stigma.

Lewis Cleveland Mental health and Wellness champion.

“I’m Lewis, and I proudly serve as the wellbeing Advocate for the Reapers. I’ve personally grappled with poor mental health in the past, and I’m always willing to share my story with anyone who can benefit from it. My dedication extends to looking after the wellbeing of not just the Reapers, but the entire hockey community”.

North East Wales Mind will be supporting their home games at Deeside Ice rink. Next game is the 5th of May at 16.30, The game is free to watch, come down and talk to us.

Posted on: 18th April 2024

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